Crossroads. A Journal of English Studies, 2013, Issue 3 : [6]
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  1. Debadrita Chakraborty
    An Interplay of Loss and Hope: Analyzing Diaspora Consciousness in Arnold Zable’s "Café Scheherazade"

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  2. Jerzy Kamionowski
    Homeward Dove: Nomadism, “World”-Travelling, and Rita Dove’s Homecoming(s)

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  3. Ewa Lewicka-Mroczek, Dorota Szymaniuk
    Prosody Learning Strategies and What English Philology Students Know about Them

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  4. Nadzieja Monachowicz
    The Functioning of the CONTAINER Conceptual Metaphor in Doris Lessing’s "Children of Violence"

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  5. Kacper Karczewski
    More than just "Iron Man": A Brief History of Comic Books and Graphic Novels

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  6. Magdalena Łapińska
    “A Game of Thrones” – a New Classic?

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2013An Interplay of Loss and Hope: Analyzing Diaspora Consciousness in Arnold Zable’s "Café Scheherazade"Chakraborty, Debadrita--
2013“A Game of Thrones” – a New Classic?Łapińska, Magdalena--
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