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dc.contributor.authorSawczuk, Tomasz-
dc.identifier.citationCrossroads. A Journal of English Studies 15 (4/2016), pp. 71-81pl
dc.description.abstractSimilarly to rock music, the rock memoir has long been considered a male genre by both the general public and publishers. It might well be claimed that throughout the years there have been many seminal female rock performers, yet only a few of them gained well deserved recognition and engaged the minds of wider audiences. The history of rock had been predominantly a (his)story until 2012 and the publication of Patti Smith’s Just Kids, a female rock memoir which paved the way for many other women thus far silenced by the male-oriented genre. This paper seeks to delve into some of the female rock narratives in order to analyze the ways in which their authors construct their stories and their authorial selves. It also points to those territories of the music industry and the rock memoir which female performers strive to enrich or reclaim by the acts of writing and
dc.publisherThe University of Bialystokpl
dc.subjectfemale rock memoirpl
dc.subjectlife writingpl
dc.subjectpopular culturepl
dc.title“I’ve been crawling up so long on your stairway to heaven”: The rise of the female rock memoirpl
dc.description.BiographicalnoteTomasz Sawczuk holds a PhD in literary studies and teaches at the Institute of Modern Languages, University of Białystok, Poland. He has published articles on American literature, especially Beat Generation writers, and co-edited Visuality and Vision in American Literature (2014). His doctoral dissertation establishes the links between the works of Jack Kerouac and Lacanian
dc.description.AffiliationUniversity of Białystokpl
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dc.description.issue15 (4/2016)-
dc.identifier.citation2Crossroads. A Journal of English Studiespl
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Crossroads. A Journal of English Studies, 2016, Issue 15

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