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Tytuł: The Pedagogy of Placements in Criminology Teaching: An Interactive Parallel Model of Criminological Learning
Autorzy: Eason, Anne L.
Bramford, Kate
Słowa kluczowe: pedagogy
work-based learning
experiential learning
higher education
Data wydania: 2018
Data dodania: 3-sty-2019
Wydawca: Wydział Prawa Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku, Temida 2
Źródło: Białostockie Studia Prawnicze, Vol. 23 nr 3, 2018, s. 85-96
Abstrakt: Formalised placements in criminological programmes are not a widely used teaching strategy in England and Wales (United Kingdom). This article presents the findings of a small study which explored how placements reinforced and enhanced the criminological understanding of the student and whether there were benefits for mentors. The preliminary results indicated a positive correlation between what the student had learned in the classroom, and how this was applied in the “real world”. Building on Wenger’s communities of practice and Dalrymple, Kemp and Smith’s triadic learning, there emerged a parallel model of interactive criminological learning for students and mentors; a model that could not be emulated through traditional pedagogical teaching alone, thus reinforcing the concept of experiential learning (Kolb, 2015), in a journey framed by Burch as that from unconscious knowledge and application to a conscious competent performance.
Afiliacja: Anne L. Eason - University of Worcester Worcester, United Kingdom
Kate Bramford - University of Worcester Worcester, United Kingdom
Nota biograficzna: Anne Eason is the Course Leader for BA Criminology and Criminology with Policing at the University of Worcester. She has been lecturing in Policing and Criminal Justice since 2011 following a career in Probation, as a Senior Probation Officer. Her operational time in the sector was centred on the rehabilitation of offenders and Public Protection, in particular sex offenders and domestic violence perpetrators. She has presented at many international conferences including the 14th World Victimology Symposium 2012 at The Hague and the Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA in February 2018. Anne is nearing completion of her Professional Doctorate in Criminal Justice with the University of Portsmouth, which explores police decisionmaking at domestic violence incidents. She is currently researching Achieving Best Evidence with CSE victims and pedagogical learning in the workplace. Her research interests are in police decision making, risk and dangerousness, promoting evidencebased practice and working with victims of violence.
Kate Bramford was the Course Leader for the BA Applied Criminology course at the University of Worcester, recently appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of the West of England (Bristol, UK). She has been lecturing in Criminal Justice practice since 2014, following a 22 year career in Probation, as a Probation Officer, Practice Development Assessor, Learning and Development Manager and latterly as Head of Learning and Organisational Development. Her operational experience has been varied and included case management within both the community and prison, groupwork and victim liaison. She has presented at the 18th World Congress of Criminology, Delhi NCR India in December 2016 and at the 10th Annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, Virginia, USA in February 2018. Kate is in the research phase of her Professional Doctorate in Criminal Justice with the University of Portsmouth and is exploring professional boundary crossings in Probation Practice. She is also currently researching in the areas of work-based learning and drug driving.
E-mail: Anne L. Eason:
Kate Bramford:
DOI: 10.15290/bsp.2018.23.03.07
ISSN: 1689-7404
metadata.dc.identifier.orcid: 0000-0002-4202-0494
Typ Dokumentu: Article
Występuje w kolekcji(ach):Białostockie Studia Prawnicze, 2018, Vol. 23 nr 3

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