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Tytuł: Польша – Крым: исторические параллели, контакты, перспективы сотрудничества
Inne tytuły: Poland–Crimea: historical parallels, contacts, perspectives for cooperation
Autorzy: Червонная, Светлана
Słowa kluczowe: Poland
Cultural contacts
Political solidarity
культурные контакты
политическая солидарность
Data wydania: 2017
Data dodania: 30-lis-2018
Wydawca: Alter Studio
Źródło: Wschód muzułmański w ujęciu interdyscyplinarnym. Ludzie – teksty – historia, red. nauk. Grzegorz Czerwiński, Artur Konopacki, Białystok 2017, s. 349-372
Seria: Colloquia Orientalia Bialostocensia;29
Studia Tatarskie;6
Konferencja: Międzynarodowa Konferencja Naukowa „Wschód muzułmański w ujęciu interdyscyplinarnym. Ludzie – teksty – historia”, Białystok 18-19 listopada 2016
Abstrakt: The well known facts from the history and contemporary life of Poland and Crimea are not still connected together in the paradigm “Poland – Crimea” both in the public mentality and in the reflection of the scientific historiography. This article is an attempt to select – based on the methodology of the comparative historical analysis – coincidences, likeness, similarities and distinctive moments, contacts, points of intersections of the Polish and Crimean Tatar peoples their national interests, forms of their interaction. In some way it is a short prospect, a program, a thematic thesaurus of the issue and the latest researches that could be helpful in the future in the co- -operation between scholars. The main directions of such researches deal with both the historical past (processes of the ethno-genesis of the Polish and Crimean Tatar peoples; foreign and internal policy’s main objectives in the forming in the Middle Age states – Crimean Khanate and Polish Kingdom, that had their own periods of the Renaissance and of the Enlightenment; the existence of both nations from the end of the 18th century in the Russian Empire and their national-liberation movements), and the newest history – 20th–21st centuries. It is the ethnic group of the Polish-Lithuanian Tatars (related after their origin to the Crimean Tatars) which has played a role of a connecting link between the Poland and Crimea and cements this mutual cooperation. A long history of the cultural and political interaction between Poland and Crimea has continued until today, and with the reference of this interaction ( not only Crimea, but the whole Ukraine ) the most important ties of the contemporary European policy and the international solidarity are formed and found.
Afiliacja: Кафедра этнологии и культурной антропологии, Университет Николая Коперника в Торуни (Польша)
ISBN: 978-83-64081-45-3
Typ Dokumentu: Book chapter
Występuje w kolekcji(ach):Międzynarodowa Konferencja Naukowa „Wschód muzułmański w ujęciu interdyscyplinarnym. Ludzie – teksty – historia”, 18-19 listopada 2016

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