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dc.contributor.authorCoghetto, Rolandpl
dc.identifier.citationFormalized Mathematics, Volume 23, Issue 2, 127–160pl
dc.description.abstractAbstractWe translate the articles covering group theory already available in the Mizar Mathematical Library from multiplicative into additive notation. We adapt the works of Wojciech A. Trybulec [41, 42, 43] and Artur Korniłowicz [25]. In particular, these authors have defined the notions of group, abelian group, power of an element of a group, order of a group and order of an element, subgroup, coset of a subgroup, index of a subgroup, conjugation, normal subgroup, topological group, dense subset and basis of a topological group. Lagrange’s theorem and some other theorems concerning these notions [9, 24, 22] are presented. Note that “The term ℤ-module is simply another name for an additive abelian group” [27]. We take an approach different than that used by Futa et al. [21] to use in a future article the results obtained by Artur Korniłowicz [25]. Indeed, Hölzl et al. showed that it was possible to build “a generic theory of limits based on filters” in Isabelle/HOL [23, 10]. Our goal is to define the convergence of a sequence and the convergence of a series in an abelian topological group [11] using the notion of
dc.publisherDe Gruyter Openpl
dc.subjectadditive group;pl
dc.subjectLagrange theorem;pl
dc.subjectnormal subgroup;pl
dc.subjectadditive topological group;pl
dc.subjectadditive abelian group;pl
dc.titleGroups – Additive Notationpl
dc.description.AffiliationRue de la Brasserie 5 7100 La Louvière, Belgiumpl
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Występuje w kolekcji(ach):Formalized Mathematics, 2015, Volume 23, Issue 2

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