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Collection's Items (Sortowane przez Data zamieszczenia w Malejąco kolejnośi): 1 do 9 z 9
Data wydaniaTytułAutor(rzy)PromotorRedaktor(rzy)
2020G. Terzis, D. Kloza, E. Kużelewska, D. Trottier (eds.), Disinformation and Digital Media as a Challenge for Democracy, Intersentia, Cambridge 2020, pp. 388.Shumilo, Olga--
2020A Look at the Evolution of the Right to Self-determination in International Lawvon Chamier Cieminski, Paweł--
2020The COVID-19 Post-lockdown Italian Scenario from an Eco-Socio-Legal PerspectiveRatto Trabucco, Fabio--
2020Independence of the Prosecution Service: European ApproachesFiodorova, Anna--
2020The Influence of Populistic and Protectionist Policy of the Trump Administration on the Treatment of Foreign Nationals Applying for Immigration BenefitsLudwikowski, Anna M.--
2020Political and Economic Feasibility of Contracted American Liquefied Natural Gas for Energy Security in Poland and the Baltic States – Can the American Government Help?Kulander, Christopher--
2020Dispute Resolution That Divides: The EU-USA Conflict on Investment-State Dispute ResolutionGlavanits, Judit--
2020Overview of the Trade Relations Between the European Community/Union and the United States at the Threshold of Globalization and Post-globalization EraLudwikowski, Rett R.--
2020The Current State of Transatlantic Relations: Déjà vu All Over Again?Csizmazia, Gábor--
Collection's Items (Sortowane przez Data zamieszczenia w Malejąco kolejnośi): 1 do 9 z 9